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With NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING and the FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD, you will learn about signs in a woman's body that show when she can and cannot get pregnant.

  • You take a class to learn these signs.
  • If you choose NFP, you do not have sex during the time the woman can get pregnant.
  • With FAM, you use a method such as the condom during that time.
  • NFP and FAM work best if you follow all the rules taught in your class.
  • NFP and FAM do not protect you from AIDS and other STIs/STDs and HIV/AIDS.

People who use NFP or FAM like them because:

  • They do not cause health problems.
  • Learning about NFP or FAM with your partner can make it easier to talk about family planning.

Here are some problems you might have.

  • It takes time to learn about NFP and FAM.
  • You must chart your signs every day.
How does NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING and the FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD compare with the effectiveness of other forms of birth control?

Women out of 100 that got pregnant using the methods below

Abstinence No women
Depo Provera Shots 1 out of 100
Sterilization 1 out of 100
Contraceptive Patch 1 out of 100
IUD 2 out of 100
Vaginal Ring 2 out of 100
The Pill 3 out of 100
Male Condom 12 out of 100
Spermicide 16-21 out of 100
Diaphragm 18 out of 100
NFP/FAM 20 out of 100
Female Condom 21 out of 100
No Method 85 out of 100
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